A selection of comments from previous projects.


"Excellent development of social group skills....fabulous rapport [with the young people] and understanding of individual needs."

Teacher, Director of SILC (Specialist Inclusive Learning Centre)

“This was the best project that we have ever done, and the only one with which the students have properly engaged.”

Head of High School E.M.A Department (re music project with Roma children)

The students’ teamwork, and capacity for independent decision-making improved significantly over the course of the project, as regards both the project and their general school work. When we started, their group dynamics were an enormous problem – no teamwork, sulking with each other, no encouragement of others. On the project, they had to: make positive choices (including choosing to stay after-school); take responsibility, helping others; take on roles within groups; all of which have definitely had a lasting effect since the project finished.

Head of High School E.A.L Department (re music project with Roma children)

“[The artist] proved to have brilliant people skills, encouraging regular attendance from our residents. Her friendly easy going manner led to some residents whom were not engaging with any of the services on offer here actively taking part. For one or two of the others it led to them attending for a social reason again building confidences and self worth. Not only did they finish the Mosaic they also decorated some plant pots, one of which they have decided will be used to plant a fruit tree in the memory of a past resident.”

Manager, Hostel for homeless men with long-term alcohol issues

"Raising pupils' self-esteem is a constant goal. This project certainly achieved this goal...pupils were highly motivated throughout, the approach was just right with pupils with challenging behaviour and a short attention span."

Head of School, SILC

"The students really enjoyed working [on the project]. They are all very confident kids and expect a lot, but quickly realised how lucky they were to work with these musicians."

High School Head of Music

"The activities are valuable to the children because they can apply their work to other areas of learning, eg settings in literacy, listening skills, group collaboration."

Year 6 teacher

"[The musician's] unique skills saw him creating opportunities and recognising potential rather than seeing problems...[and he] was able to create opportunities for, and use contributions from all the young people who took part in the project."

Team Leader, Local Authority Disabled Children's Service

"We know of only a few artists across the NW with the skills to facilitate the young people in achieving this standard of work."

Evaluator, project for children with severe learning disabilities

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“The best bits were the concert and singing, and I also liked writing songs. It made you feel proud when you sang a song that you had written yourself, and you wanted to do more”.

Slovakian Roma girl, age 13

“They (the musicians) sat us down at the start. They weren’t going to interrupt us, they would help us. Like a cake - they were going to help us decorate it.”

Year 10 pupil

“We’ve been a lot more creative. I didn’t know what it was to be inspired by a house or a garden. Now I could do it. Now I could be inspired by this table!”

Year 10 pupil

“It helped me not to be embarrassed with new ideas or standing up in front of a crowd."

Girl, age 13

“It has helped me with my compositions at school. I can now add different pieces of music together to make it sound better and more interesting.”

Girl, age 12

“It has encouraged me to join other projects and understand more about making music in different ways and learning new techniques.”

Girl, age 15

“It encouraged me more to play alongside another person.”

Boy, age 13

“Working in groups like we did gave me more confidence to contribute my own ideas and to perform."

Girl, age 14

“It motivated me to start playing the guitar. Then I wrote my first song in the sessions."

Boy, age 14