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The ‘Supersonic Hoo-Ha Tour’ (above) involved 40 young people in song-writing, studio recording and live gigs.

Below are some examples, but we can combine any art forms or genres of music, and can tailor-make projects to suit any subject or concept. We work with people of all ages, with extensive experience of working with young people (primary and secondary) and learning disabled groups. Our projects usually involve creating original material.

YEAR 3 ROCK OPERA- composing on a curriculum theme

We worked with a Year 3 class to devise a Rock Opera- ‘In a Foreign Land’- on the subject of forced emigration, refugees, and the reactions they might face in a new country. Every word was sung, with the story, all words, and all tunes devised in workshop with the children. Powerful and emotional stuff- fortunately with a happy ending!




THE ELECTRIC HOO-HA EXPERIENCE- combining music technology with composition and live performance

This project included experimental composition with sampling, general composition, and song-writing, ending with performances including live film footage shot by the participants and live manipulation of sound with laptops. 36 young people aged 12 to 16 from local schools (including learning disabled young people) took part.

The Electric Hoo-Ha ExperienceElectric Hoo-Ha Experience rehearsalmusic technology and live performance



MUSIC THEATRE (KEY STAGE 2)- devising epic performance piece from scratch

A year-long project with Year 6 children, devising a large-scale piece of music theatre. Inspired by the standing stones on Ilkley Moor and exploring issues around global warming, consumerism, the environment, myths and ways of life from ancient to modern. The storyline, characters, poems, songs and music were devised in workshop with the children. Performances at the local High School theatre featured 120 children (the whole of KS2) as actors, musicians and mass choir, with film and animation video backdrops throughout.


Slaves to consumerism in the song ‘Television Takeaway’ (video still) (above)

High priests and animals flee the moor in the face of a mysterious prophecy (video still) (right)


‘MUSICAL MIGRATIONS’- composition inspired by art/history/environment

A project involving 3 school groups (50 children from Year 6 to Year 9) composing music, song and dance, inspired by the art, history, bird garden and environs of Harewood House, finishing with a public performance in the old church.

Musical Migrations Project at the Big Hoo-HaMusical Migrations Project at the Big Hoo-HaMusical Migrations Project at the Big Hoo-HaMusical Migrations Project at the Big Hoo-Ha


A Bali Hoo-Ha at the Big Hoo-Ha

'A Bali Hoo-Ha'

Video still (left) from live performance of Indonesian music and shadow puppet project with learning disabled school groups (showing the Princess arriving at the island).


'Worldbeat Dreaming'

Devised music theatre project, featuring 35 young people performing gamelan music, samba drumming, african drumming and much more. Each genre with dance, self-made costumes, masks and video backdrops. Images (below) show rehearsals and costume-making.

Worldbeat Drumming at the Big Hoo-Ha Worldbeat Drumming at the Big Hoo-HaWorldbeat Drumming at the Big Hoo-HaWorldbeat Drumming at the Big Hoo-Ha

MUSIC AND SPECIAL NEEDS- inclusive music

This is one of our particular specialisms and feedback from our many projects has indicated significant impacts on confidence, vocalising, interaction with others, and other skills (see 'testimonials' page for examples)- as well as being fun!

We have run many projects for young people (and adults) with special needs, including composing pop and rock songs for live performance or recording onto CD, pop videos and VJ-ing (see ‘FILM’ page), shadowplays with original music, and general music-making.

Having a Jam at the Big Hoo-Ha Having a jam

Vocalising at the Big Hoo-Ha Vocalising

Performing on instruments at the Big Hoo-Ha Performing on instruments

MUSICAL VEGETABLES!- not as silly as it sounds (or is it?)- and very educational...

Carrot recorders, butternut bongos, aubergine castanets, pumpkin drums, and cabbage scratch decks feature in our making and playing workshops, with a final grand performance by the vegetable orchestra!

Combined with recording and sampling technology, it's amazing the sounds you can make with cabbages and  leeks!

This can also be combined with making instruments from junk, and fits particularly well into our 'Music & Science' interactive workshops.

Musical Vegetables at the Big Hoo-Ha Musical vegetables at the Big Hoo-Ha