We run courses for beginners, those with some experience, and courses on making garden mosaics.

We also run courses by arrangement, for minimum 3 people, and we do mosaic parties for groups, adults or children.


Please email via "get in touch" button to book a course or for more infomation, or ring Frances on 07984 424897. Direct email




All welcome, regardless of experience. Come for half a day or whole day.

Courses run on Sundays (all day or half day), Friday and Wednesday mornings and some other weekdays too

Please get in contact for details


Course Dates - Please go to

or contact   07984 424897


Full description of courses, below

More details below

Beginners’ Taster Session - Half day

Cost including materials £45 See dates above

You can attend any one of the course dates above, and stay for half the day or come to a one off Friday morning session - see below

In this time you will be able to make a trivet or pot stand, approx 15 cm / 6 inch square. You are welcome to make something bigger, but you may have to come back to finish it


Beginner/INTERMEDIATE  Course – one day    10  – 4 

Cost including materials £75

See dates above

Suitable for those who have never mosaic-ed before, a useful refresher if you haven’t mosaic-ed for a while, or for those with some mosaic experience

You can make a trivet/pot stand for a table or make a small indoor wall plaque, or mirror frame, all approximately 20 - 25 cm sq. You’ll learn how to cut tiles, and be given guidance on design, colours and tone, as well as adhesives and grouts. We have ready drawn templates for those who want to use them, or you can design from scratch





Weekly Courses beginner/intermediate/experienced

Friday Mornings         10  – 12.30          £15  plus materials (usually  £10 per week)

NB Please note that this fee does not include the cost of materials, which will usually be about £5 - 10 per week, depending on what you make 

Suitable for absolute beginners or those with some experience. Each week there will be a different project to work on, but the sessions are flexible, so you can choose which projects you want to work on, and skip others. You can also spend more than one week on some projects if you wish. You are welcome to bring along your own ideas/projects and work on those during the sessions.

You’ll learn how to cut tiles, and be given guidance on colours and tone, as well as design, shape, andamento (the flow of the mosaic). You’ll also learn all about different adhesives and grouts.

The choice of projects will include:

Indoor wall plaque or trivet, house number/name, mirror frames, mosaic tables or sink splash back, or an idea for a project of your choice!

You don't have to comit to come every week - come to a one off session if you like



Se course dates, above

This course is aimed at those with some mosaic making experience.

Make a beautiful, completely original piece of art for your garden. You can make either a pebble mosaic stepping stone, small paving stone, a wall mosaic on board or house number. All materials are frost proof.

Because of adhesive and grout drying times, you will need to come back at a later date to collect your finished peice.

The pebble stepping stone and paving stone mosaic are both made by the cast concrete method. Because of drying and curing times for the concrete and the grout, there isn't time to do all this in one day, so you'll make the mosaic on the course and then we'll  do the casting for you. But we'll do a demonstration of the casting method, so that you can see how it is done. If you are available you are welcome to come and help with the casting of your mosaic. You can collect your finished mosaic a few days later, when it's had time to dry and harden sufficiently


Weekend Courses – Saturday 10 – 4.30, Sunday 10 – 4 

cost £130  including materials

 NEXT COURSE - please enquire for details

Generally, these courses are aimed at those with some mosaic experience. Beginners can do some of these courses, but will get less out of it

You will learn to plan a piece, including design, shape, andamento (flow of the mosaic), scale, colour and tone. You’ll be given guidance on the most suitable materials, bases, adhesives and grouts to use. If you don’t already know how, you will learn how to cut and shape tiles. 

When booking, if you have a preference, please let me know what you would like to make.

The weekend courses are:

Indoor wall plaque, mirror or tea tray –

A piece of original art to brighten up your home! We supply a choice of MDF trays, mirror frames or wall plaque shapes for you to mosaic.

Garden Wall PlaqueNot suitable for beginners.

Frost and weatherproof, suitable to be fixed to a garden or other outdoor wall. Size approximately 30 – 40 cm sq, made by reverse method, then applied to special waterproof tile backer board. This is a messy workshop, involving the use of cement based adhesive and grouts, so please wear suitable clothing.  Disposable gloves are provided, but you may also wish to bring your own.

Mosaic table or other furniture – Not suitable for beginners

Revitalise a piece of old furniture and make a completely unique piece of art at the same time. The finished piece is suitable for indoor use. MDF tables or small chest included in price, or bring your own piece of furniture!

Garden Stepping Stone Mosaic - Not suitable for beginners

You make a circular mosaic, by reverse method, either 30 cm sq / 12” sq or 45 cm sq / 182 sq. It takes 3 days to cast and grout the mosaic, so, because of drying and curing times, there isn’t time to cast the mosaic in concrete in one weekend. You make the mosaic by reverse method, and we then cast and grout the mosaic for you for later collection (but we’ll do a “Blue Peter” demonstration on one we made earlier, so that you can see exactly how it works.)

Pebble Mosaic for the Garden - Not suitable for beginners

Using a simple design, you will learn to make strong, frost proof pebble mosaics, cast in concrete. Because of drying and casting times, you will have to leave your mosaic to allow it to dry, and collect it a couple of days later





Courses by Arrangement

We are happy to put together a course for you.  Any of the courses above can be run for groups of 3 + adults, just give us a ring or drop us an email.

Here is a rough guide to prices, which may vary, depending on cost of materials or length of workshop:

Children’s partyExample – approx 2 hours – up to 8 children plus 2 adults, in the region of £15 per child (depending on numbers), including all materials. Each participant will make and take away a small coaster  mosaic 10 cm sq/diameter. We need a couple of adults to attend (and they can make a mosaic too – 2 adults can do this at no additional charge!)

NB this involves cutting and using sharp pieces of  tile. Ages 8 and above. 

Hen party – Example - up to 10 participants, 3 hour workshop in the region of £20 - 30 per person (depending on numbers), including materials. The group could make, for example, mosaic candleholders, small wall mosaics or trivets. Please let us know what you’d like to make.