We can use film work (including animation) in a variety of ways: in combination with music, music theatre or drama projects; as a stand-alone art form to create short films; for making documentaries of projects; for creating a DVD of performances.

Some example projects:

"Watch out - it's the Big Hoo-Ha" film, at the Big Hoo-HaWATCH OUT!- IT’S THE BIG HOO-HA!

A project with three groups of learning disabled young people, which combined devising original music and songs and creating film footage in the style of ‘VJ-ing’ (the young people triggered and manipulated the film clips live to accompany the live music performance).

"The Colours of Bolton" film, at the Big Hoo-ha‘THE COLOURS OF BOLTON’

A project with young people with severe learning disabilities to create four pop videos to accompany songs devised with the same group.

We also worked with this group to create music, dance and film clips for live performance (again using the ‘VJ-ing technique- see above)


Primary school Year 6 project (see also ‘MUSIC’ page) which combined large-scale devised music theatre piece with film and animation video backdrops, using footage and art work created by the children.

"Sounding Stones" film at the Big Hoo-Ha."Sounding Stones" film at the Big Hoo-Ha.