We can provide a wide variety of drama workshops and activities, ranging from large-scale community projects to young people's drama groups or one-off sessions, in school or out-of-school. We can tailor-make projects to your requirements, and can combine drama with other art forms.

Here are some examples of projects.


Youth Drama at the Big Hoo Ha

  • local youth theatre group, specialising in devising and performing original plays, accompanied by original music
  • see separate web page by clicking 

Drama in Schools at the Big Hoo-haDRAMA IN SCHOOLS

  • general drama workshops using improvisation and devising techniques to create own material
  • themed workshops, using drama to bring subjects to life. EG local heritage (such as a day in the life of a Victorian family), literature and set texts

Community Projects at the Big Hoo-haCOMMUNITY PROJECTS

Large-scale community plays, bringing together different age ranges and backgrounds.
A recent project involved over a hundred local people aged 6 to 76, in acting, music, singing, costume-making, artwork, design, puppet-making, lighting and sound

Community Projects at the Big Hoo-haTHEATRE-IN-EDUCATION

We work with theatre companies specialising in non-didactic, issue-based, interactive workshops for primary and secondary schools, such as road safety, transition issues, bullying, drugs, domestic violence, car crime, knife crime, keeping safe (for learning disabled adults) and more