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The Big Hoo-Ha Co is a community arts organisation. We run projects for people to take part in making their own music, films, drama, mosaics, and other stuff (and sometimes combining more than one- woo!). Sometimes we use technology (for music and film), sometimes we don’t, and sometimes we mix technology and live music. Our music projects usually involve people making music together, making up songs or composing their own music. We like singing. We like it when people on our projects get to try out musical instruments that they’ve never had a chance to play before.

We’ve been doing this since 1999. Along the way, we’ve had lots of nice things said about us- please have a look at our ‘testimonials’ page.

We work with loads of different groups, including children and young people, and people of all ages with learning disabilities, in fact we enjoy working with any age, although we particularly like it when our projects involve people who haven’t had the chance to do activities like these.

We’ve worked with many schools, primary, secondary and special, and with many charities and community groups dealing with particular issues like arts and health, or social cohesion.

There’s no end to the sort of projects we can design- in fact we can tailor-make projects to suit any group, theme, issue or subject. What’s great about arts projects is that you can get a real boost in confidence, or address a particular subject at the same time as having fun and creating your own art.

We are able to travel to your school or group, with our equipment/instruments/materials, but also as from 2011 we have our own studios to run projects, which have really good resources- please have a look at the studios page.

Please also have a look at the different pages for each of the art forms.

Here are some principles we believe in:

  1. all our projects should be exciting
  2. arts activities give you confidence, self-esteem and break down barriers
  3. no-one is excluded by age, race, gender, or disability
  4. the process is as important as the end product- but if the process is good then there’s an excellent chance that the end product will be a rewarding one!
  5. doing is more fun than consuming
  6. music and art are things that should be part of our lives from the very start,  because anybody and everybody who wants to should be able to do them

Examples of previous projects

(Please click on a link below to see examples of our projects)